Stand up. keep fighting. and take care.


I always find the strangest reasons to stop smoking.

This morning I realized that the longer I smoke the less time I have to change the world. So far it’s a pretty compelling reason to quit.


I took a few days for myself this weekend hopped over to Philadelphia. Easily the best decision I’ve made for a while because it really gets me away from work.


I stayed home sick yesterday.

I actually stayed home sick.

Usually, when I’m sick it means working form home - but yesterday I slept and napped and watched BSG and read because I’m completely emotionally exhausted by work and I can’t keep up being so exhausted.

I’m proud of myself for being sick.

Feb 25

I’ve spent far too much time continually dragging myself back down into sadness after Aaron’s death and tonight I realized it’s not helping me grieve. I saw Cory Doctorow talk about his book, Homeland, which Aaron wrote the afterword for - and it didn’t make me feel better, it just reminded me how sad I am.

The bright side: I rode my bike all across the district afterwards and remembered that not only do I love biking, but it helps me process the world in a unique way. It gives me a sense of place, of where I am, which I desperately need after moving around as much as I have in the last few years. I forget where I am sometimes - biking makes me realize not only what city I’m in but where exactly in the city I am and that grounding is delicious.


It’s hard to stay fired up about changing the world when you’re not surrounded by people who inspire you. That is unquestionably what I miss most about living in a co-op, and I think I need to actually settle down so I can move back into a house filled with other social justice activists.


Last month, my boss, Aaron Swartz, killed himself. Since then I’ve let a lot of the things I do to take care of my body fall by the wayside. Now, I’m blogging to keep myself accountable.

I’m trying to do a little yoga and ride my bike every day to center myself, as well as actually write thought out responses to the things I read.

I fancy myself a Charmander - a young and playful person with an enormous amount of fire inside directed towards changing the world. But if I don’t take care of me, how I stay energized enough to change anything?